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                                                                       AFRICAN COSMOLOGY

               HE WHO STEALS your past, will CONTROL your future. KNOW THYSELF!!! – Nelson Aluya

The Space is pleased to welcome Chief Dr. Sola Atanda who will be sharing amazing insights about people of African descent.  A lot of our history have either been buried, misrepresented or not readily available to the ordinary person. The series of interviews presented here will correct the erroneous information being perpetuated about people of African descent. There is an African proverb which says, if you know where you come from then you will know where you should be going. It’s time for people of African descent to know where they come from so that we can change the trajectory of our life as a people.


Discussions with Chief Dr. Sola Atanda

Chief Dr. Sola  Atanda, a Nigerian American born in Osogbo, Osun State is the proud founder and World President of Hattaf International with headquarters in Nigeria and branches in the United States, United Kingdom and Mexico. A holder of a doctorate degree in metaphysics and many traditional titles including, Asiwaju Awo of Lagos and Lagos State, Aare Alasa of Osogbo Land and Asiwaju Awo Agbaye(1995). The High Chief of Ifa is the current President of ARSADIC (Ancient Religion Societies of African Descendants International Council) which is the global umbrella body for all African traditional religion organizations. He also serves as the Life Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the body. In addition, Chief Dr. Atanda is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of WAI (War Against Indiscipline) Osun State of Nigeria. As a young man he started being a Boy Scout in 1952 and was part of the Nigerian contingent at the 11th Scout World Jamboree in 1963, in Marathon, Greece. Now, Scouter Atanda is the current Osun State Scout Commissioner. Chief Dr. Atanda was the only Traditional Doctor that was sponsored by USAID in 1988 to participate in ICORT 3 (Third International Conference on Oral Rehydration Therapy) in Washington DC. The life of dedication to serve humanity led by this icon must have been sponsored by being trained as an Ifa Priest and being lucky to have an Oluwo of the caliber of the late Chief Akano Agboola Fasina who holds an unparalleled record as Araba of Lagos.


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